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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Your Own Music And Controls


In making your own music in the music business, their is something called control. These are various clauses and consent that you must ask for. These are some of the controls that you should actually get and ask for:

1. Consent of coupling and the specific details on controlling it.
2. Consent on use of your master recordings in commercials.
3. Consent of licensing your master recordings for film and television.
4. Approval of your photographs and biographical materials used in advertising and promotion.

If you can't get this in your contract, don't sign. This is income that is big profit for you and you hear a lot of songs on television and movies.


In the record industry people wonder how record sales are tracked? A company called Soundscan. They began in 1991. They track by reading register tapes of reporting stores. Soundscan data is also used for Billboard charts. Keep in mind that they are not %100 accurate. Soundscan is not set up for independent record stores, so there are some missing profits. Sometimes labels will agree that reserves can't exceed their shipments less the Soundscan numbers. Here is an example: If 100,000 albums were shipped and Soundscan showed 80,000 sold, the reserve couldn't exceed 20,000.

Recording Products

Here are some recommended recording products:

Dub Turbo

Sonic Producer

Pro Tools Make Music Now Recording Studio

Alesis iMultiMix 8USB