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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maximum Rate Per Song-Perfect Pitch Software

Maximum Rate Per Song

There are so many variables when making your own music. Because the maximum album rate is a multiple of the single-song rate, let's first look at what they do to you in each song. Here it is:

Percentage of Statutory. The first argument is to see if you  can get more that the standard, off-the-shelf 75% of statutory. If you're a new artist, you probably won't. If your a mid level or up, you have some bargaining power. Try to get the percentage over 75%. If you can't, one compromise is to ask for an escalation on later albums. For example, you might have a 75% rate on albums one and two, an 85% rate on albums three and four and 100% after that.  Minimum rate means that compositions are treated as if they are five minutes of less in duration, regardless of their actually playing time. This means there are no additional payments for lengthy compositions. For example, the current statutory rate for for a seven minute song is 12.25 cents. But under these provisions, you're only paid 9.1 cents if you get 100% of statutory, or 6.82 cents if you have a 75% rate. Changes in statutory rate changes over time. A set rate will not go up. Even if you get a full rate it will be locked. This is tough to change even if you are at superstar status.

Perfect Pitch Software

Perfect Pitch Software
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Controlled Composition With Songs

Controlled Composition With Songs

     Companies limit mechanical royalties when making your own music. Here are two specific ways they are controlled.

1. Rate Per Song
In 1976 the Copyright Act raised the statutory rate from 2 cents to almost 3 cents when the record companies hit upon the idea that they should require their artists to license controlled compositions at 75% of the statutory rate, with further reductions to 50% for record club or budget records. The controlled clause existed before 1976 Copyright Act, but they didn't reduce the rate below statutory. To a large degree, the companies have been successful in getting these 75% and 50% rates with almost all new, and many midlevel artists. Even the biggest superstars have some form of controlled composition clause, although the limit may be 100% of statutory.

2. Rate Per Album
There is also a limit of ten or so times the single song rate for each album. Next post I will discuss Maximum rate per song.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheap Guitar Lessons

Cheap Guitar Lessons

Cheap Guitar Lessons
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Learning Guitar-Composition Clauses

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar
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Composition Clauses

These clauses are one of the most significant provisions in your recording arrangement, and you needed to understand both record deals and publishing to grasp the concepts. Since now you've got 'em both, let's do it. A controlled composition is a song written, owned, or controlled by the artist. However, it's usually defined more broadly than that, and includes:

1. Any song which the artist has an income or other interest. This means that, even if the artist doesn't own or control it, it's a controlled composition if he or she wrote or otherwise gets a piece of the earnings.

2. Sometimes. the definition also includes compositions owned or controlled by the producer of the recordings. You really have little, if any control over a producer's publishing, and thus you should try hard to  get this provision out. It's hard to get rid of this, except at superstar levels, but do your best. I say this not only because it's difficult to get a producer to comply with it, but also because, with a producer of any importance, you could end up blowing your producing deal over it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mechanical License For Publishers

Mechanical License For Publishers

     As I mentioned in a previous post, that as an artist you should start with a publisher when making your own music. Today I will discuss mechanical licenses for publishers. There are two major organizations that issue mechanical license for publishers. One is Harry Fox Agency, which in the United States is the largest organization of its kind. In Canada CMRRA, standing for Canada Mechanical Rights Reproduction Agency. What are this organization do for publishers? They act as a publishers agent for mechanicals. They issue licenses for the publisher, police them (make sure the users pay), and account to the publisher. This is not a free service and you need them. Harry Fox charges 6.75%  of the gross monies collected. CMRRA charges 6%. Not only due they collect and issue but they also audit record companies on behalf of their clients, and then allocate the recovered monies among their clients in proportion to their earnings. This is significant for a smaller publisher, as the cost of an audit for small earnings is prohibitive and an audit can cost $15,000 to $25,000 or more, and unless the recovery is likely to be several times the amount, it's not economical.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Music Industry Contacts

Music Industry Contacts

Producer Timbaland

     Finding it hard to break through to the big dogs in the music industry? Well, I can tell you why. I work in the industry and there is a great reason why you can't get through. Making a connection with music industry contacts are highly protected for obvious reasons. (1) Security reasons. Example,  say Lady Gaga's manager was all over the net with information contacts, where he lives, etc. They don't offer this information due to risks of threats to famous artists. It's a protection issue. (2) They don't have time for a unknown artists and I suggest to never bother them if they have superstar status recording artists. Keep in mind this is just for independent managers. Most big artists have big management companies and they offer contact information but it's general contacts which are ignored. So you want the breakthrough to  producers, managers, record labels, etc. Making your own music and trying to get the attention of the industry is difficult. I have the solution and here it is: Music Industry Contacts. This is current and vital information. It contains thousands of contacts which you need to succeed. You have to pay for this. Remember, nothing is free and definitely not this information. So if you are serious about making in the music industry and want all music industry contacts, I recommend this contact e book.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perfect Pitch Software-Voice Lessons

Perfect Pitch Software-Voice Lessons

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Monday, December 12, 2011


Writer Diane Warren

Many writers keep ther own publishers. Examples are well-established writers who don't need a publisher because people are constantly begging them for songs. In fact, if you're a writer/artist who's material doesn't lend itself to being recorded by others such as jazz, rap or heavy metal, then you should only part with your publishing if you need money up front. Otherwise. you can hire people relatively cheaper to do the administration when writer and making your own music. Just because the publishing game has a low entry price doesn't mean it's an easy gig. So you have to check out your publisher thoroughly. Just remember that the difference between a good one and a bad one is how much money they can put in your pocket!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar/Simple Guitar Lessons

Simple Guitar LessonsSimple Guitar Lessons
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