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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Royalties U.S. Sales

Royalties For United States Sales

Today I will discuss first with your record sales in the United States. Here are the royalty breakdown when making your own music:

1. A CD sold in the United States;
2. At full price, wholesale price(PPD);
3. Anything through retail channels (record stores);
4. Company's normal distribution channels like wholesale distributor

Sales are complied 1 through 4 are know as United States Normal Retail Sales (USNRC). The royalty rate for these sales is usually defined in record deals as something like the U. S. basic rate.

Foreign Royalties

In the music industry, the royalties for sales outside the United States varies widely from company to company, and artist to artist. Companies usually gives a higher rate in territories where they have an ownership with the distributor. Canada has evolved into %85 of the United States rate with most companies. So if the U.S. rate is %10, an %85 rate means you get %8.5 for normal retail sales in Canada.

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