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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making Your Own Music

Making Your Own Music

There is nothing more creative than making your own music. Anything from recording music, playing guitar, or simply writing your own songs. In today's world we have such an advantage in creating music and sharing with the rest of the world. Like anything else, serious musicians that want to create and distribute musical material can rip through your budget and be very expensive. In my years of being involved in music and several years in the music industry I have found that the biggest challenge for musicians is to create and produce a CD (album) independently. The first step is to know as a musician or band your niche. What type of style is your music? Are you trying to write and create a number one hit on the radio station or create music that lies deep in your soul and your write what you feel and enjoy writing, recording and sharing with the rest of the world?

Home Recording Software
Music Recording Software

My advice is when you get to that cross road about the recording process is to record material at home. Build your craft in song writing, learn and become advanced in the recording process. This will cost you literally nothing if done correctly. Obviously researching a software or types of recording equipment take knowledge of what will work and cater your specific needs as a recording artist. If you are not advanced at recording and I mean not a professional producer or recording engineer, I would recommend a recording software which for it's value is the best thing I have come across on the market under $50! Yes, that's all.  Dub Turbo, a software where you have all the capabilities as a major studio if used to it's full extent. Have a look and this will be the best investment you will make as a musician if you don't have the funds to record in a studio.This home recording software is incredible effective. Happy recording!