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Monday, July 11, 2011

Greatest Hits Album And Best Music Making Software

Greatest Hits Album

I have discussed a lot about how royalties work in the music industry. When writing songs, recording and making your own music, your Greatest Hits album is considered as a pro-rata royalty. Here is how it works. If your first two albums were %12, and the other albums %13 and half the Greatest Hits album is the royalty rate of the first two albums, it will be a %12.5 royalty rate. Suppose that some of your earlier albums had royalty escalations because sales success. What royalty is used?

1. You will get the lowest royalty for the album from which each selection is taken before escalations based on sales of that album. The starting royalty is pro-rated based on non-escalated rates.

2. You will get the highest royalty rate achieved by the album from which the selection is taken based on sales of the album. These rates are pro-rated.

3.You get the lowest possible rate and no escalations at all.

Best Music Making Software

I never recommend any products, however here are two great music recording software. If you want to record songs and beats at home, I suggest these two programs:

Dub Turbo

Sonic Pro