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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Master License

Master License

Master License
When making your own music, master recordings are licensed out for motion pictures, television, shows, and even commercials. Record labels have historically credited the artist's accounts with about %50 of all the net profit receipts. Over the years, all the major labels have found a way to squeeze every penny from the film industry and put together complication records. To make these records in the music industry their is a fee of around %15 to %25 of the receipts, which comes off the top before it is distributed to the artist.


Anytime you record with other artists, this is called coupling. When you produce an album with various artists is called complications. This is a great way to generate big money profits off the album sales. This practice has been around for years.


Say there are ten songs on an album with complication, and you do one song out of ten on the album, you will get one-tenth of the royalties. This royalty is referred to as pro-rata. This just means you get a small portion of the royalty from the complication album.


When you make your own music, control is a major factor. You never want to record with someone you don't really like. Again the control of your bargaining power in every facet depends on your status. There are three. New artist, mid level, and superstar. Once you get to a high level of mid level you have more bargaining power and control. I will get more in depth about masters licensing in the next post.

Music Making Software

Home Recording Software
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