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Monday, October 3, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Production Deal Points

Music Production
Production Deal Points

In previous post I talked about computations when making your own music. I have found it worth while to recompute royalties. First of all it's difficult, complex, time consuming and usually given to a low level bookkeeper. Second, even when done correctly. the advantage you pick up is often very minimal. Third, if and when the artist finds out this looks bad for the artist.

Make sure you don't give the artist any rights you don't have in the first place. I remember where one production company gave an artist approval of coupling, approval of album cover artwork. guaranteed release, etc, when they didn't have those things from the record company. If you fall into this trap, at best it will be embarrassing, and at worst the artist could walk away from your deal when you don't deliver. The artist will still record with the label. However, this doesn't do you any good cause the record label won't pay you royalties if you lose the artist because of the screw-up.

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