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Monday, July 18, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Video Devices

Video Devices

DVDS are treated like audio when it comes to royalties when making your own music. If there is a substantial video component, some labels will pro-rate your royalties between audio and video, meaning they pay your audio royalty on a portion, and your video royalty on a portion. Let's say that there is thirty minutes of music and ten minutes of video, you will get three fourths of your audio royalty rate. A purely audio or visual DVD your royalties are:

Manufactured Units

If home video units are manufactured and distributed by your record label, you will get a royalty that falls in the range of 10% to 20% of wholesale for U. S. normal retail top price sales. Companies and labels vary their royalties depending on the wholesale price. For a higher price, you get a higher royalty as you get from your CD with the exception of Canada at 85%. All royalties are reduced for very low priced videos, called a budget line and for free goods.

Licensed Sales

Smaller labels will usually license someone else to manufacture and distribute home video. In this case, that company pays a royalty to the label, and the label pays you 50% of its net receipts.

1. Distribution Fee for the record company which is a percentage of gross and therefore taken first. This is a way to cover the labels overhead in handling the license.

2. Distribution Expenses, meaning the cost of duplicating, shipping, etc.

3. Third Party Payments, to unions and guilds, though many companies now try to charge these against the artists 50%.

Home Recording Software
Here are two home recording software that I recommend:

Sonic Pro

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