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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Recording Software-Making Your Own Music

Benefits Of Home Recording

This will be a short and brief post on recording. Artists and musicians always wonder can I record at home and get the same quality as a studio? The answer is yes. No need for a professional recording studio and expensive equipment that only works if used properly and who ever is recording your sessions knows the band and there characteristics when recording. This is why many bands are not to keen on there own recordings when you pay tons of money and just choose a random studio. Not to say that the person recording does not know what he or she is doing. Recording is a fine art and you should really do your homework on who is good in your area. However, there is an alternative to studios. Most bands are broke and every band needs a demo or something that they can promote. Keep in mind that there are a few music making programs that you can benefit from. These days everybody is trying to save a buck. Studio costs are very expensive and charge to much money for what you get. Not the best value. Yes, you can create songs from your own home with some various home recording software. If you really dig deep you can find a great software with a lot of value and will get the job done. I recommend a software that is great for recording at home. Reasons why this is a top software to use:

1. MP3 is a big no no. Don't export. Lose quality in master recording
2. This software runs 44.1 Stereo WAV files
3. 44.1 is Professional
4. Offers 64-128 Bars arranged in patterns, not one bar loops which limits recording capabilities
5. Offers all the capabilities that expensive recording studio equipment provides
6. Easy to use 16 Track Sequencer
7. 10 Pad Drum Machine
8. 4 Octave Keyboard
9. Full Training Video for any music recording genre

You purchase after including some information and email and you have the software in a matter of seconds. No disks to download saving you space on your computer. I have found that this software has the same capabilities as the big dogs that will cost some big money. Dub Turbo is under $40! They are user friendly and anyone can use them. They both have a really easy interface and no complications in using them. So, a home recording software can be recording music directly from your computer.

Home Recording Software


Home Recording

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