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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maximum Rate Per Song-Perfect Pitch Software

Maximum Rate Per Song

There are so many variables when making your own music. Because the maximum album rate is a multiple of the single-song rate, let's first look at what they do to you in each song. Here it is:

Percentage of Statutory. The first argument is to see if you  can get more that the standard, off-the-shelf 75% of statutory. If you're a new artist, you probably won't. If your a mid level or up, you have some bargaining power. Try to get the percentage over 75%. If you can't, one compromise is to ask for an escalation on later albums. For example, you might have a 75% rate on albums one and two, an 85% rate on albums three and four and 100% after that.  Minimum rate means that compositions are treated as if they are five minutes of less in duration, regardless of their actually playing time. This means there are no additional payments for lengthy compositions. For example, the current statutory rate for for a seven minute song is 12.25 cents. But under these provisions, you're only paid 9.1 cents if you get 100% of statutory, or 6.82 cents if you have a 75% rate. Changes in statutory rate changes over time. A set rate will not go up. Even if you get a full rate it will be locked. This is tough to change even if you are at superstar status.

Perfect Pitch Software

Perfect Pitch Software
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