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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Multiple Albums

Multiple Albums
Making Your Own Music

Today I will talk about multiple albums and have changed now that vinyl is dead and Cd's took over. When making your own music Cd's can hold a lot more songs that vinyl. In the era of vinyl records, they only had about 50 minutes of playing time on them. This includes cassettes to. Now there are box sets that are three or four Cd's in one package. There are also two-in-one sets as well. These do not sell well as single Cd's.  They are also expensive to make. Anytime you want to sell a multi album, you have to get the consent of the record label. If the label does consent, your royalties will be reduced. The royalty is adjusted downward in the ratio that the selling price of the double album is less than two times the price of a single album price. Regardless of how you define it, and no matter how your royalty gets computed, all record companies treat multiple albums as only one album for purpose of the artists delivery commitment.

Box Sets

Box set are sold as three or four Cd's and are sold in a single package. Some of these box set are valuable because some sets have songs that were unreleased from past albums. When making your own music, royalties on box sets are negotiated in the signing of the deal. They will depend on the selling price, the number of selections, the size of the artists royalty rate, and your leverage.  These are a few different ways that albums can be offered to the consumers. I hope you have a little bit more of an understanding on how multiple albums work.

Music Making Software

Here are two good home recording software that you can use to record quality songs from your computer. They are a music recording software download.

Home Recording Software

Sonic Pro