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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Industry-New Technologies

New Technologies And Electronic Transmissions

In the music industry, the next generation of the music being delivered will be electronically. This means that digital music will be sped over a wire, satellite, Wi-Fi, or some other service that has not yet been discovered yet. When making your own music, it is being put out there in several ways like listening on demand, burn in into a CD, captured it on your computer, or iPod. To all the record companies and labels, anything that isn't a CD is what is called an electronic transmission. This term is a music industry term for digital delivery and much more. In a contract the language will go a bit like this: "Any transmission to a consumer, whether sound alone or with other data, by and means now known or hereafter discovered, whether on demand or not, and whether or not a charge is made for the transmission." Includes radio, TV, and film.

New Technology Royalties

Tethered downloads. This means that the record company doesn't give you the consumer complete control over the download. You can downloads onto the computer, but can't copy it onto a CD. Or you can make a few copies, no more than three. They are encoded. Or you can play for a month and it self destructs. Services like Yahoo and Napster have subscriptions. As long as you pay monthly, you can listen to the songs you download. Untethered downloads means you can copy it, burn it, or do anything you wish with it. Next post, I will continue to list the new tech royalties.

Here is a home recording software for make music beats.