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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Music Industry Contacts

Music Industry Contacts

Producer Timbaland

     Finding it hard to break through to the big dogs in the music industry? Well, I can tell you why. I work in the industry and there is a great reason why you can't get through. Making a connection with music industry contacts are highly protected for obvious reasons. (1) Security reasons. Example,  say Lady Gaga's manager was all over the net with information contacts, where he lives, etc. They don't offer this information due to risks of threats to famous artists. It's a protection issue. (2) They don't have time for a unknown artists and I suggest to never bother them if they have superstar status recording artists. Keep in mind this is just for independent managers. Most big artists have big management companies and they offer contact information but it's general contacts which are ignored. So you want the breakthrough to  producers, managers, record labels, etc. Making your own music and trying to get the attention of the industry is difficult. I have the solution and here it is: Music Industry Contacts. This is current and vital information. It contains thousands of contacts which you need to succeed. You have to pay for this. Remember, nothing is free and definitely not this information. So if you are serious about making in the music industry and want all music industry contacts, I recommend this contact e book.

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