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Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Your Team Together!

In the music business bands and solo artist's tend to miss a vital component in the process of there music career. Getting your team together is very very important. You need professionals to maximize your career an your net worth. You need to hire a staff. Here are your members you must include:

1. Personal Manager
2. Attorney
3. Business Manager
4. Agency

You and your band need to realize that you are a business. The music business is a money making machine and you must think of yourself as a business. Most artist don't like business. Not saying that you are not good at it but it is part of the music making and creating. Even if you are capable let others handle this. You should focus primarily on the music aspect. Keep in mind that you career is going to be a very limited run. Don't take offense to this point. There are very few Rolling Stones out there. The first choice is always a manager. Someone who will give there left arm for you and had big plans for you and your band. This individual needs to be filled with energy and enthusiasm. A manager should be a major part and considered and treated as a band member. It is easier to find a lawyer. They are a dime a dozen and are waiting for you call to construct a deal with the record labels. Lawyers are the last team member. Just before you are ready to commit to a label. Where do you find these people? The heavy hitters are in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville if you are in the country genre. There is a wesite called http://www.allaccess.com/. Here you can find an online directory of the top professionals you need. Hits magazine has information on contacts of bands team members. Also, Billboard is a great source. Go to, http://www.billboard.com/. By no means are these an a exhausting list of sources. Stay away from the sharks that are just looking to make money and do little or no work for you. Use your other team members to add to the team. A manager is partial responsible for recomending other team members. Never hesitate to ask what someone is going to charge you for his or her services. Remember that your manager should earn more money than the others. Managers are entitled to you royalties as well. Managers get anywhere from 8-15 percent. That is a good deal. They handle a big chunk of the work load. Remember you are hiring people to guide your professional life, not to hang out and party in the tour vans or buses. I will be posting several steps in succeeding in the music business. I hope this helps some of you inspiring musicians. Here is a great way to save money on studio recoring costs. Click here.

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