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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Record Your Own Music-Your Team Roles Part Two

This is day three of a series on how to make your own music and the process and proper steps to make it in the recording world. The last post, I mentioned who your team members should be when pursuing a career in music. I primarily focused on the manager's role. Today's post I will cover the roles of other team members briefly. It seems that band's and solo artists find it a bit more difficult to find a manager than a lawyer. So why is it easier to get a music lawyer than a manager? The big factor that I have experienced in this crazy industry is the time factor. The required by a lawyer is very minimal compared to the time a manager has to devote to all the duties twenty four seven. The manager focuses on songs, image, bookings and overseeing the daily operations.  Remember is is the lawyer's relationship and clout-not their time-that count. A key component that most bands don't realize is that the lawyer you hire can shop your CD(demo) around to the recording companies.A word of caution about hiring a lawyer to shop your CD. Most of the lawyers in the business consider the importance to maintain their credibility with the record companies, and thus will only shop the CD that they personally really believe in. Yes unfortunately, there are a few music lawyers who will shop anything that comes flying through the door as long as they get paid a fee. I would take caution to this method. Stick to your manager submitting your material unless the lawyer thinks your the best thing since sliced bread and feels that your band is one phone call of getting signed if this is your bands intention. Always ask before hiring a lawyer if they shop a lot of Cd's. If they say yes just to get you excited, run. This situation is no better than submitting yourself, and maybe worse, because the record companies know these lawyers and how they operate. Always check out references before hiring a music lawyer. Ask them for names of solo artists and acts that they have shopped both successfully or not. See who is legit. When hiring your team members make it a collective effort with all band members. If you are a solo artist, than it is not a collective choice but always include your manager in the process. make sure you look beyond the big sales pitch of anyone that you interview. Everyone looks great when they are selling their assets to you. Make sure that you and your band is not lulled by promises that sound a bit far fetched. Many people say and promise things which they can not deliver just to get the job with your band. You and your band mates should be able to sift through these nuts. This is all for today. I will continue this series tomorrow. We are always trying to save money on recording costs. Click here to record your own music.

Author: Arian Collin is a manager in the music business.

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