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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Commercial Market Videos In The Music Industry

Commercial Market Videos

When making your own music and making videos, there is little profit in single-song videos. he reason is because these videos in the music business is for promotional use to gain exposure for your album. Historically, monies came from home video sales using music videos. These days video streaming on demand from Yahoo, AOL, and Bing. You still get royalties from this and I will discuss this in a later post. A dual disk is a CD on one side and a video on another.

Will Your Label Make A Video For Your Song

Until you have some clout and bargaining power the answer will be no way. Once you get bigger you can get two videos made per album. This is standard. The label's concern is that videos may not be useful in the future. Present day, they are not. MTV does not even play videos anymore. 

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