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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contractual Exclusions For TV And Film

Contractual Exclusions

If you as an artist has any clout, you can negotiate an automatic contractual soundtrack exclusion in your record deal. This had a big laundry list of clauses and will apply if you have no exclusion but the label's consent.

1. You can't perform on more than one or two selections for inclusion in the album.
2. You can't do more than one of these during any one-year period of the term. Some cases it's a limit of three cuts over the term.
3. You can't be late on delivery.
4. All royalties and advances must be paid to your label and then you get paid after recoupment.
5. If you have any leverage you can get %100 of monies on soundtrack songs or tv but usually you will get %50.
6. You must try to get the right to use the recording on one of your albums, or Greatest Hits album.
Make sure when doing your deal, that film and tv songs are a major part, because this is a great way to promote you and your songs. Plus the money is very good.

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