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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deal Points With Record Advances

Demo Deal Advances

Demo deals can be a good way to go these days. How it works is a label will pay you for your demo. It is very little but it is a start. It exchange for the company giving you money for the demo, you have to wait some time usually 30 to 60 days to find out if the label wants to sign you to a full record deal. You need to know that you have to wait until the decision is made by the current label under your demo deal before you can go to another label. You can't shop while you are under a demo deal. A shorter deal the better. If the label wants you, you're required to negotiate a deal with them. If you don't make a deal this is called first refusal or a matching right. All this means if you can cut a nice deal with another label you can't just jump on the offer. You have to go back to the first label and they have the chance to match the offer you received by the second label. During the first refusal, you will not have to come back to the first label if the second offer is more front money. If the offer is less you have to go back to the first label. Just make sure you limit the time  of the demo deal. Try to get 14 business days if possible.

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