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Friday, June 3, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Quality Of Music Today

Today's post I am going to get off track and shift my attention from royalties to what has happened to the lack of quality in commercial music today. This topic really hits me hard personally when I hear some of the crap on the radio in today's industry.

Music Business Is Run By The Big Media Corporations

Media in America is a monster and very powerful in today's society. Media takes a specific concept on how to entice the majority of our society. This is what happens in music. The media world has made a huge impact on everyone. As I seen it, I look at media and major record labels as nothing but one big mega marketing company. They push what ever they want down your throat. The concept of shoving image and messaging time and time again has become a multi-billion dollar cash machine.

What Ever Happened To Artist Control

Artists and bands rarely have control of music. What I mean is that once again the labels control and limit your artistic freedom in producing your own music. Do you know that when an artist goes into the studio nothing rarely stays the same. Producers make changes not for the quality of the music being produced by what sound and lyrics that sell and make the labels money. This detracts from quality and the focus shifts far away from great music. Just one of many examples is the country genre. Most major artists have writers that submit songs to the artist and don't usually produce there own music.

Music For The Masses

If you look at statistics on the demographics, who is buying the majority of records. The biggest age group are young people ages 16-25. These are the Jonas Brothers and Lady Gaga fans. Sorry, but that music is just terrible. This type of music is trite, boring, repetitive, and lacks substance. Image is a major factor in selling music. This has become and big marketing tool for the media and record labels. Music should be like a great piece of literature. It should make you think and make and effect on your soul. I can't name one artist today that does that. Music styles and trends seem to change and I can't wait for real music to come back and the industry shifts it's efforts on substance and not image. I could go on about the lack in quality in music. This post is just my opinion. I beg the industry to get back to quality so I can turn my radio on again.

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