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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Artist Deals

Fresh New Artists, Bands And Deals

New artists and bands these days are seeing commitment from labels to do only one album or sometimes just two or three master recordings. Label now insist on getting a total  of five or six album over the course of the contractual deal. In years past, labels wanted options for eight to ten albums a deal. Recently, the labels now commit to two albums at the beginning of the deal. This term is called two firm. This is how it works. If the first album sells less than 150,00 units in the United States, the label is no longer committed to the second album. So make sure the first album is a seller and doesn't tank.

Minor League And Farm Teams

In sports this is referred to as the developmental league. Meaning if a label likes your material but the band is just not ready for the big leagues. Your contract is referred to as a demo deal. This work by the record label spending very little money on your album. Recording costs usually. Demo is a short term for demonstration
recording. The label records you for a demo deal, and executives site around and discuss and decide if they want to sign you to a major deal. If they decide yes, the next step is then sign you to a regular deal. A developmental deal is the same as a demo deal, except the record label spends more money say $50,000. The difference is they will record a couple of master copies. Unlike the demo deal, the recoding contract is pre-negotiated so you can transition smoothly.

Minimize Options In Your Contract

The more options, terms, and clauses that are in your contract the worse it will be for the band or artist. These are added by the label to protect themselves from losing money and if you are a bust you will not see any money. A lot of options give the power for the record label to get out of your deal. This is never good for you. Keep the contract straight and to the point. Negotiate the best you can. So many options in the contract are never good for you at all.

Term And How Long?

When making your own music, the record company keeps you under an exclusive agreement called the term of your deal. In past years the term of your deal use to be a year, with options to renew for additional periods of one year each. These segments are called periods. Artist or bands would usually deliver two albums each year.

Next post, I will continue more about the artists deals.

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