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Friday, June 24, 2011

Webcasting, TV, And Radio Broadcasting

Webcasting, TV, And Radio Broadcasting

Webcasting is basically a broadcast over the internet. There are three types of webcasting in relation to a signed recording artist.

1. Music that is played be self-declared DJs, and by regular, over the air radio stations that actually put there signal on the internet.

2. Streaming on demand of audio or videos on the internet.

3. Artists who broadcast their concerts over the internet.

The types of webcasting numbers one and two are very straightforward. The label has rights to one and two because they are using your masters, which they control. You will still get your royalties on one and two, but not all of it. Number three you get all the profits. When making your own music and broadcasting live your label will want a piece. Just make sure that you have this in your contract. Number three, the label does not make a dime as long as it is in your deal. The label will fight hard to get a chunk.

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