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Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Your Own Music At Home

Making Your Own Music At Home

In the music business, trying to succeed at it takes time, energy, patience, and can be expensive. What I mean by expensive? Well, think about if you are serious about a career as a recording artists. You might pay for rehearsal time for a space. Everyone needs to record and put out some songs. If you are just starting out, you should know that you can cut costs by recording at home. These days the quality of recording from home is very good. You can produce the same quality from home as most studios and not spend tons of money on studio time. Here are some products to check out:

Sony Creative Software ACID Music Studio 8.0 - 2011

Pro Tools Make Music Now Recording Studio

Image-Line Software Image-line Fl Studio 9 Fruity Edition V.1

I have become a fan of ebooks. Here are a few of the better beat creating software's out there.

Dub Turbo

Sonic Producer

These two products are great for recording from your home and both cost under $30! This is a bargain for what they can do for your song creation. I highly recommend!

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