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Friday, July 8, 2011

Music Industry-New Technologies Part 2

Music Distributed Through Technology
Music Distribution

Here are more ways that the music is distributed to listeners. In the music industry their are several ways that you as a listener have access to music. Ring tones and ring backs are songs that play when your cell phone is busy. Instead of hearing a busy signal, you will hear a song. These songs are done in two different ways. One way is polyphonic, which is played by a synthesizer. Master tone is the actual master recording by the artist .A tone made polyphonic only the songwriter gets paid. A master tone the artists gets paid. Webcasting is another way. It means anything streamed on the internet. This is done by a subscription. Satellite radio like XM and Sirius are the big ones in satellite. You will have to listen to what ever they play. Each channel is a specific genere or artist. The band AC DC has there own channel. Podcasting is another way. It is a download program for interviews of artists and some songs, but limited. Si as an artist, you ask, what do you get paid for these electronic transmissions? When making your own music, it depends on your contract. If your royalty is %15 and $100 is made, you will get $15. For iTunes you will make pennies on the dollar for each download. Audio and video streaming are three ways you can get paid. Percentage of advertising, subscription fees, or advances for you being on audio or video streaming. Webcasting is collected by a company called Sound Exchange. A portion goes to the label and a portion goes directly to the artist. Podcasts are still a bit new however, you get a percentage of revenue.

Here is some great music creation software:

Home Recording Software

Pro Tools Make Music Now Recording Studio

Tascam DP-02 Digital Portastudio - 8 Track

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