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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music Recording Downloads

Music Making Software

In today's society it has become easy to obtain access to record and making your own music. Instead of spending endless amounts of money on studio time, you can record music from home without a professional recording studio. A alternative is software that you can buy as a e-book which is becoming more efficient  for the user. If you are into creating techno beats, Dub Turbo is a good software and very inexpensive. It is a unique piece of software that contains a plethora of sample beats and preloaded data base. Not only can other professional audio suites cost upwards of $1000, but it can take weeks of intense studying before you learn how to use them to make something that is high quality. For anyone who’s just getting started, or looking to have some fun making beats… there is a much better way, such as Dub Turbo. Dub Turbo works on PC or MAC, it’s extremely intuitive but still reasonably powerful: it comes preloaded with a database of over a thousand pre-set beats and sound samples that you can easily put together to make your own original beats… and you can get this software here for under $30! You control everything from your computer keyboard and is easy to use. This is a top make your own music software. Here are some of the features:

  1. 16 tracks of stereo system boomin’ seem to construct your hot beats with
  2. Easily attract or trigger sounds with keyboard cutting corners
  3. Attract bars and build by 50 percent clicks – change sounds/designs fast
  4. Drag and copy your bars around – then easily edit them
  5. Jog through a large number of sounds and drums
  6. Record live towards the metronome or draw or tap inside your beats
  7. Edit volumes, go solo, mute, save, edit the tempo
  8. Export your 44.1 studio quality .wav Master – this really is industry standard!
This is a great music recording software.Click make your own music to try today!

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