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Friday, October 28, 2011

Compulsory License-Learning Guitar

Compulsory Licenses
Compulsory License

A compulsory license  means that you must issue a license to someone who wants to use your work, whether you like it or not. There are six compulsory license:

1. Cable television rebroadcast.
Cable companies set up a big antenna to receive weak signals and send them along to the homes in the area. The cable tv compulsory license requires the local broadcasting stations to allow the cable company to retransmit their signals in exchange for payment of set fees. Without it this would be considered unauthorized distribution of copyrighted programming.

2. Public Broadcasting System.
The PBS lobbyists did a terrific job of requiring copyright owners to license works to them at very cheap rates.

3. Jukeboxes.
In may surprise you to know that, until 1976 Copyright Act, jukeboxes paid nothing for the right to use music. They were considered toys in the 1909 Copyright Act. Now they pay a license fee.

4. Digital performances of records.
This baby was added in 1995, then modified in 1998, and it requires the owners of recordings to allow performances on digital radio, which also includes webcasting radio shows on the Intenet.

5. Digital distribution of records.
This requires the owner of the song to license the downloading of records over the Intenet, telephone lines, satellites, etc.

6. Phonorecords of non-dramatic musical composition.
This is a big one in the music industry.

 Learning Guitar
Learning Guitar

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