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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learn To Play Guitar

                                                                Learn To Play Guitar

People are always wondering want is the most effective and cheapest way to learn to play guitar? Being in the music business I understand that there are hundreds of thousands of private teachers and tutors in every city across America. Believe it or not , their are other alternatives on how to learn to play guitar. Yes you have the old traditional way of learning through private training. The problems with this is that it is very expensive for hourly lessons. Guitar lessons will range between $40 to 75 per hour! Ouch. That is pretty expensive for one hour which in your first lesson and nothing really happens. Not only will you have to pay for these pricey lessons but you also have to get there. Lessons are usually taught at a house or the tutors studio. The most effective alternative is online guitar lessons. One program is more effective and the entire course is cheaper than one hour of private guitar lessons. They actually work and have been proven that you will advanced much faster as a guitar player. I have found one program that contains all the techniques that even your private tutor won't teach you. Also, if you are a newbie at lessons, tutors have a tendency to milk the time and it will be a slow learning process that will burn a hole in your wallet and make money loads of money for the tutor. The other two benefits learning online is that you are not spending more money (gas) just to get to your lesson and two, you can learn the guitar from the comfort of your home without all the awkwardness trying to play in front of a stranger. My advice is to save your money, learn more faster and more effectively. I recommend, Jamorama Guitar Lessons. Come check it out!

*Arian Collin is a manager for bands and solo artists in the music industry and is also an advanced guitarist.

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