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Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Your Own Music-Performing Rights

Performing Rights Society
When making your own music, there are major performing rights societies in the United States. ASCAP standing for American Society of Composers, for authors and publishers. BMI standing for Broadcast Music Incorporated and SESAC. Of the three ASCAP and BMI are by far the largest, as SESAC has only about 1% of all performing rights. Virtually every foreign country has the equivalent for its own territory, most of which are government affiliated, such as SACEM for France, BUMA for Holland, PRS for the UK. The societies go to each publisher and say "Give us the right to license performing rights in all your songs." We'll then go to the people who want to use them like radio stations, nightclubs, etc. For each license we'll collect fees, divide them up, and send you your share of the cut. And this is exactly what happens. Publishers sign up with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, who then issues license to the users, collects the monies, and pays publishers. This is a vital component you need to know as an artist. Here is a great home recording software for it's value.

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