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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making Your Own Music-Digital Downloads

Making Your Own Music-Digital Downloads

As a recording artist, you need to know about where your music needs to go when making your own music. Publishers and record companies/labels have now seen the light in regards to making a buck with your music. The technologies today are becoming an alternative and substitute for record sales of CDs. People are cherry picking the internet for songs by there favorite artists. If you end up downloading  every song from one album, you are likely not to buy the CD. Also, millions of music listeners are subscribed to a music service for fees, so there is no need to purchase the entire album. Everyone on the side of labels and publishing companies are in a panic and the publishers are scared they might sell the song rights for a low cost. So this is the new norm as the music business has changed very dramatically when making your own music.

1. Untethered downloads. These downloads are a common thing on the net. I tunes is one of them. This means as an artist you will get full mechanical rights on these downloads. Pretty straight forward. You will get a percentage of every single song downloaded. A non-tethered downloads are ring backs or ring tones on a cell phone. The publishing royalty for these are straight forward as well. Also, it's a higher percentage than audio downloads. The publishers get a range between %10 to %12 of the retail price and a floor rate of 10 cents to 12 cents per copy.

2. Webcasting. Here is another way to earn some money. Again, very straight forward. Their is something called non-interactive webcasting. This means someone else chooses what is played. A prime example of this is an internet radio station. Pay wise, the publisher only gets performance monies/royalties. The stats and monies are gathered by ASCAP or BMI. Works the same as over the air regular radio play. Very important that you obtain a server copy license. This protects the artist for earning royalties and not get in any hot water with copyright when streaming. Must have this license before you stream anything.

Next post I will continue digital downloads information that you and or publisher needs for earning monies on the internet with your music.

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