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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Your Own Music-Foreign Mechanicals

Making Your Own Music-Foreign Mechanicals

Others countries outside America do have mechanical rights organization. These organizations are usually government owned.  It is a license provided for that specific territory. What they do is collect all royalties from the record companies/label and hangs on to the money to earn interest on the royalties. After time, they then pay off the publisher. How the amount is calculated is the entire record is licensed for a percentage of the wholesale price and does not matter how many songs are on the album. In order for the publisher to be paid, it must file a claim to the proper organization. When making your own music the publisher must have ownership of the songs. They can either claim a percentage of the song or the percentage share if the rights are split with other publishers.

Foreign Performances

Just about every territory outside the U. S. has a performance rights society that is also government owned. They pay the writer's share to ASCAP/BMI/SESAC which will then turn around and pay the writer of a song. If there is no foreign publisher it goes to the U. S. publisher. This is better for an artist, because one primary publisher instead of several is more money for the artist when making your own music.

* Next post I will discuss foreign advances.

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