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Friday, May 27, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Lawyer Fees

Making Your Own Music-Lawyer Fees

Today I will discuss how much a music lawyer can charge your band. It will vary and fees can jump all over the place when searching for the right fit for your band. When making your own music, you will find that you will have to pay a bit for your team members. Most of the lawyers in the music business will and should not charge you for hourly rates. The very few that do exist, they can charge you anywhere from around $150 to $650 dollars per hour. The few that charge on the higher range, these are usually the big boys in the business with big named commercial artists or bands. Some charge %5 percent of what they negotiate in your contract containing to everything and anything that you and your band make. The most standard fee is called value billing. Value billing is when a contract is done and the lawyers gets a fee based on the size of the deal. If the lawyer had not much to do in the way of the structure set up or clauses that you requested, than the lawyer should only get %5.

Making Your Own Music And Conflicts Of Interest With Your Lawyer

A lawyer has a conflict  of interest when hos or her clients get into a situation where their interest are adverse. Lawyers are ethically required to disclose their conflicts of interests with you and your band members. Your choice is to hire another lawyer, or you may waive the conflict, and continue to use the same lawyer. When you seek a lawyer make sure that during the interview process, make sure that they mention the conflict of interest clause. Why? The lawyer might represent your label or manager.

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