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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make Your Own Music-Picking A Lawyer

Over the past few posts I have covered the roles of your team members. Today I cover the lawyers clout. Attorneys in the music industry do much more than just look over contracts and advise clients about the law of music. Your lawyers should be very involved in structuring deals and shaping the band or artists business lives. Music lawyers have evolved into one of the most powerful groups in the industry, as strange as this may sound. Remember when making your own music your team members are key!


A music lawyer with clout can get through to people much faster than a lawyer without any clout. Record companies screen phone calls unless you are an important lawyer. They will  treat the lawyer like a god to keep a good re pore. Reason being is because a lawyer with a big name will usually get the big name bands, so the record companies will kiss the rears of the important lawyers. So a lawyer with a good relationship
will get your deals done much quicker and can get you the maximum that legitimately be had. Your band should also know what clout doesn't do. There is only so much you and your band can get from a particular deal, regardless of who is asking. If a record company doesn't like your music, they're not going to sign you
because of your lawyer that represents you. If they're hot for you, you'll get a deal even if you lawyer is a joke.

Tomorrow I will get into the fees. Good bye for now.

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