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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Delivery Requirements Under Contract

Today I will discuss delivery requirements for your album under contract.

Delivery Requirements

Apart from the numbers of your recordings, contracts also talk about the kind of recordings you can delivery. Delivery means much more than just dumping material to someones doorstep. It means the company accepts the recordings as complying with your deal, and the contract will specify what standards the label can use in deciding whether to accept. These standards depend on your bargaining power. Two major requirements are

1) Commercial Satisfactory
This basically means that the label will take recordings that they believe will sell. Records that the label really likes. This will be in your contract as well. If you have not delivered a good album that is required by the deal then the label can terminate your contract.

2) Technically Satisfactory
This means if the record is produced as is high quality technically, then the label has to accept the recording if under contract. This clause is very rare, because it is all about money and how many millions the label can make. The label rather have a average making album that sells than a high quality made album that doesn't sell.

Controlled Composition

One of the most important provisions when making your own music. This limits how much you can make as the songwriter. This means you and your lawyer need to know the extensive knowledge of publishing. I will get into that another time.

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