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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Music Industry Stress

Music Industry Stress - How to Reach Creative Flow When You're Out of the Jet Stream

Expert Author Lance Winslow
Well, I live in one of those resort communities, and a very politically conservative area, however, in many of the cities near here there are folks who are extremely liberal, and many of them come from industries such as the entertainment sector. In fact, I've met movie stars, TV stars, and even rock stars in the Valley here. Some come on vacation, summer snowbirds, and some live here all year round now in retirement.
Often, I will go to Starbucks and hang out, and talk to the various individuals who stop by, and they are either ultra-conservatives or creative types. I find both groups quite fascinating and fun to converse with. Not long ago, I was talking to the son of a former rock star, and I'm not going to mention any names because that wouldn't be appropriate, but he has his own band now, and hopes to follow in the footsteps of both of his parents who are/were in the music industry.
We were kicking around some creative ideas, as he seemed to be quite stressed out, and trying to get back in the creative flow, apparently he was having the musical industry's version of a writer's block. Over the years I've consulted with various creative folks, and I gave him some advice. Below are some things that often work for highly creative musicians who were trying to get back in the flow.
1.-Take your favorite songs, no more than three and play them at the same time, turn off the lights, and listen, and you will find new amazing combination between the noise, if you listen. If you are writing rock music, then go by a tiny White Russian bottle or just take some Kahlua and poor it into a Starbucks Frappachino 20-minutes before and drink it, while reading the lyrics to your favorite songs.
2-If you are writing slow love songs have two glasses of wine at 3 AM in the morning and do the same thing.
3.-If you are writing classical music or composing, then spend the whole day only eating pure protein type foods, sleep for 4-hours in the middle of the day, totally rested up, and then start writing at 10 PM, and do the same thing, and by 5-6 AM you will have written a master piece.
Now then, I'm not sure if he followed any of my advice, and I haven't seen him back at that particular Starbucks sense, but he seemed quite willing to try something new, and even if this technique may not be the best for him, he believed it would work, and I believe that's half the battle when dealing with a creative genius trying to get back into the creative flow. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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