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Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Indie Production Agreements

Making Your Own Music-Indie Production Agreements

When making your own music, an indie production agreement is what a major distributed indie labels signs
with the major label. These deals are similar to loan-outs, except that the artist doesn't own the corporation in the middle. Typically, the production entity is owned by a producer or other recording mogul whose ears have found you and committed to you. It then signs to a major to deliver the artist's recordings. As we see in a minute, under these deals, the inducements letter is even more critical. There are two basic types of these production deals:

1) A single artist deal is where the production entity makes an agreement with the record company for one specific artist.

2) A mult-artist deal sometimes called a label deal, is where the production entity supplies recordings of various artists, many of whom have not yet been signed by the production entity. As you can imagine, this type of deal is much more complicated than a single-artist deal. Next post I will explain single-artist deals.

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