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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making Your Own Music-Single Artist Deals

Making Your Own Music-Single Artist Deals

When making your own music, there is what is called a single artist deal. It is basically the same as a loan-out deal but there are a couple of differences. A deal between the artist and production entity is now for real. This means there are true negotiations between the two parties. Typically the artist will ask for things like they would ask a record label. Some provisions are different. Sometimes there is a battle between the production company and the artist. This means that the record label will exercise it's rights under the inducement letter and thus the terms of the inducement letter are critical. Here are some negatives with a production entity:

1) The production entity takes some of the royalty.
2) Harder for you to coordinate marketing, promotion, ect, if you and your manager don't have direct contact with the record label. Have one. Make sure your manager does!

Here is a cool make your own music software. Dub Turbo.
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